About Us

         I began CharleyJo's Creations in 2012 when I bought my first embroidery machine to experiment with by making my two month old daughter a bib. My husband wouldn't let me buy the cheap machine like I originally wanted because he knew I would want a bigger one (he knows me so well) and then we would have two machines and much less room.

          My husband is in the United States Air Force and soon after we were married was deployed to Korea for one year. I worked during the day as a Real Estate Agent/Property Manager and at night would work on my Etsy store, it kept me busy - as if having a full time job and a baby wasn't enough.

          When my husband’s orders sent us to the UK, I made a few shirts for some new friends I have made and then heard about a bazaar being held at the base. I decided to make up some designs and see what happened, and the rest is history.

          I have been fortunate enough to travel to other Military Bases in the UK  and Germany to sell at their Bazaars. I look forward to seeing where else this business takes me.

         And now we are currently located in Washington State!